July 2015

    Short Zespenat Issue

    Preßeu Zespenat is one day late and shorter than planned. Here is why

    The Plan for Telecommuna

    The Chancery plans for the Telecomuna forum

    For an Ex-Post Facto Electoral Commission

    An idea to reform the electoral commission

    The Personal Talossan Activity Index

    The Personal Talossan Activity Index

    The Balkanisation of the USA (Talossa 2038 Part 2)

    Second chapter in the Talossa 2038 saga

    The ESTO Charter

    The most recent charter of ESTO, the Ephemeral State Treaty Organization

    Hyperion Hyperion

    Review for the Sci-fi Audio Book Club: Hyperion by Dan Simmons

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    Preßeu Zespenat is published by Zespanat press and is currently under the sole ownership of Marti-Pair Furxheir. It is scheduled to be published monthly, every 15th of the Month. The company was planned to have a board of administration but many of the potential co-founders have not yet confirmed their participation and approval in time [...]