The Plan for Telecommuna

Let’s build an amazing office building together, with perfect cohabiting tenants, a really nice and helpful landlord and a cohesive structure which makes it a breeze to go from rental unit to rental unit in full security.

Let’s imagine that the Chancery needs new office space so that Cosa Members and Senators have a nice set of rooms in a suite perfectly adapted to their needs. Imagine that for every bill being discussed, there is a cozy room full of refreshments to get to the bottom of things.

Next door is the province hall corridor. Every province has it’s own room so that members of their province, as well as visitor, can come in with flyers on tourist attractions in the province and framed on the wall, there is both a population rooster for the province and a plaque (not a laminate, a full bronze plaque) with the province constitution.

Near the entrance, we have the Ministry of Immigration, where new prospective citizens can sit until they become citizens. Every citizens is encourages to come join them for coffee (or tea) over muffins to get to know them.

The biggest room is rented by the King and paid for from his own pocket. It is the lounge. A place where every citizen and prospective is welcomed to talk, exchange ideas, and there are even desks to work on personal or cooperative projects.

Of course, at the other end is the cafeteria, where people go on break and that room is offered and kept up to date by the landlord.

All of this is possible thanks to the Chancery. The Chancery hired the landlord thanks to a bill authorizing the Chancery to find the perfect building to do business and instead of just proposing to buy such a building, he got another citizen to build the perfect building not just for the Chancery, but for all of the needs of the Kingdom, but instead of managing centrally, that citizen decided to rent the various office spaces to the various organizations.

Let’s stop imagining for a moment.

The Telecomuna bill (47RZ22) asks the Chancery to propose a plan for a new board to replace Wittenberg for official operations.

From various comments, here are the criteras that I feel I have to follow for the creation of Telecomuna, either from other people’s comments of from my own bucket list of ideas:

  • Telecomuna needs to be entirely under our control, not a public forum hosted by someone else, it has to be something we can control
  • Telecomuna needs to have a single-sign-on with Wittenberg, and yet, be somehow separate from it
  • The ownership of Wittenberg (currently, it belongs to the King), must be respected
  • Ideally, an integration with a nationalized database is acceptable
  • Data from the existing official boards should be migrated

As such, here is the plan the Chancery has in mind:

  1. Nationalize the Database at so that it be handled by an Office of Dynamic Data Records [ODDR] (or something similarly named)
  2. Have the ODDR setup a new multi-tennant forum system which allows integration with the database system (such as single-sign-on in both systems, or automatic Clark publication on Telecomuna, summary of last posts on the citizen pages, etc…)
  3. Pay the $60 membership fee to export the current Wittenberg posts into the new forum system, for all of the boards
  4. Have the ODDR Manage the new Wittenberg along side Telecomuna, as a landlord with tennants in charge of their own sections: Telecomuna managed by the Chancery, Wittenberg by the King, the University boards by the University of Talossa, the province boards by the provincial governments, the Immigration board by the Immigration Ministry, etc…
  5. Bring back the Talossa Activity Index as a measure of Wittenberg activity, possibly this time split by Board

We would be free from ProBoard in such a scenario, and since the ODDR would be an office of the Kingdom, the data would unequivocally belong to the Kingdom, so that should an issue arise again like in June 2004, the data would remain with the Kingdom. It also means other officials could have backups of data in case of problems.

I feel that such a solution is elegant, satisfies all of the needs for Telecomuna, allows for survival should the Secretary of State change while preserving the current ownership of every forum and ensuring long term survival of such a solutions.

It does require nationalization of the database for full effect, but a bill will be in the hopper regarding this by the time this article is published.


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