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For an Ex-Post Facto Electoral Commission

It’s no secret I am not a fan of the current electoral commission. In fact, I hate the way it was established and can only regret not having returned soon enough to the Kingdom to influence the drafting of it’s “constitution”. We recently completed the 3rd electoral review from the electoral commission and between you

The Plan for Telecommuna

Let’s build an amazing office building together, with perfect cohabiting tenants, a really nice and helpful landlord and a cohesive structure which makes it a breeze to go from rental unit to rental unit in full security. Let’s imagine that the Chancery needs new office space so that Cosa Members and Senators have a nice

the 47th Cosa: a retrospective

The 47th Cosa was recently dissolved by the King after its 6th Clark. What happened? Here are some numbers...

The 48th Cosa Election Rules and Procedures

The 48th Cosa Election is upon us. Here are the Election Rules and Procedures from the Chancery