The 48th Cosa Election Rules and Procedures

Two stacks of thick books standing parallel to one another with a gap between them through which a blue background can be seen. The books have white and creamy paper colors and mostly dark hardcovers.

One of the new features of the Database System, is that the Chancery is now publishing the election rules on it instead of making them up during each election.

You most likely saw on Wittenberg the election procedure, but in case you didn’t, here are the relevant parts:

On Balloting day

On the morning of Balotting day, every voter should receive an email from the SoS office with the ballot and a secret code (PSC).

That Ballot email might be sent in advance of the election, or a little late. Only votes received during the election will count, but rejected votes will be communicated, such as “Try again tomorrow, the election hasn’t started yet”.

Between Balloting Day and the Election Deadline

Between Balloting Day (which starts on the 15th of the election month), and the Election Deadline (15 days later, on the evening of the 1st of the next month), all citizens will be able to vote once and only once.

As per the Organic Law, all votes are final, and cannot be retracted, modified or altered in any way: if multiple votes are sent, only the first one is counted.

You should receive one or two ballot reminders during the election should you have not voted by then. If you do not receive any emails from the Chancery on the 15th, it is your responsability to contact the Secretary of State to have your email address fixed.

Here are the best ways to contact the Secretary of State to update your email address:

  • By replying to the official Election Vote Thread informing him that you emailed sos[at] with your new email, so that he can validate your email address and tie it to your Wittenberg Account.
  • By sending a private Wittenberg message to the Secretary of State

Ways to vote

Here are the approved method for voting:

  • 1 ) Voters can reply to their Ballot email with their votes, provided the PSC code is in the email. Those votes will be entered manually into the Database system.
  • 2 ) Voters will also be able to write a different email (to, provided the code is in it. Those votes will be entered manually into the Database system.
  • 3 ) Voters will also be able to vote using the online form using only their citizen number (available online and in the email) and the code from the email. Those votes will be entered automatically into the Database system.
  • 4 ) Voters will be able to vote on Wittenberg publicly A single vote thread will be created for casting votes on Wittenberg. If you have received your vote code (PSC), you should cast your vote in that thread WITH your code. If you have NOT received a code (perhaps we didn’t have your email), announce so and vote anyway. The SoS office will attempt to validate your vote.

After the Election Deadline

The election will close at 7h30PM Talossan Time (CST/CDT) on the 1st day of the Month following Balloting day and votes received after that time will be rejected

The preliminary results will be available as soon as the election is over, but the Election Commission will still need to validate it

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