Talossa Socialist Party Platform

On April 25th, the Talossan Socialist Party announced their platform on Wittenberg as follows:

We the members of the Talossan Socialist Party hereby present our platform for the coming elections:

1. Sustain the Integrity of Talossan Democracy- through the defense against radical monarchists and fascists.

2. Maintain the Integrity of the Talossan State- through the spread of Talossan Culture, Ideas, and Organic Law.

3. Put the People in front of Bureaucratic Procedure- Simplify election procedures and the decision making process

4. Encourage foreign Policy with other Micro States- Provided that they have a sufficient population and sustainable government.

5. Encourage membership drives and publicize Talossa- While maintaining the group atmosphere and cultural cohesion.

6. Seek a more open relationship among other Parties- By looking for more bipartisan solutions to Talossa’s problems and conflicts.

We pledge to expand and edit this platform through popular support and the vote of the people within the party.


  1. By Galen


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