Yet another newspaper?


Preßeu Zespenat is not like any existing newspaper for several subtle reasons and I hope that over the next few issues, we’ll be able to convince you of how different we are just by our structure, if not by our content. We are so different that our goal is not to replace either Beric’ht Talossa or EL TAMLÁLT TALOSSÁN, but rather to complement them.

In fact, we see Preßeu Zespenat more like a magazine than a newspaper as our goal isn’t just to cover the news, but also to offer articles meant for future historical review, such as our Post-Clark Analysis or our Clark Commentaries.


First and foremost, we are open, in the sense that we accept articles for first publication by any writer. If you suddenly have something to say which is legal to print, we will publish it without requiring a minimum participation level: no need to write for every issue to be published in one.

While we will have regular features, Preßeu Zespenat welcomes occasional writers, article series, responses to articles published in our articles or to articles from other newspapers, press releases, chronicle from just almost any citizen of Talossa.

We do ask first publication right in general, but we can bend that rule on a case by case basis.


Preßeu Zespenat makes the solemn pledge to never publish unsigned articles. It doesn’t mean we will never publish interviews with anonymous sources nor that we will not quote anonymous authors in other source, but there is a difference between talking about an anonymous cartoon in another newspaper and participating in its primary distribution.


One of our particular goal is to offer a voice for officials in the Kingdom. You can expect regular chronicle from the Chancery, and we hope ministers, party leaders, Cosa members, senators, provincial leader or heads of other households to write in an official capacity.

We will also publish opinions, surveys, historical research and other traditional journalism articles but we want to allow the officials of Talossa a platform to share their ideas to the population of Talossa.


The Editor-in-chief (Marti-Pair Furxheir) of our magazine is not the member of any party or even sitting in the Ziu. Some of our journalists will be members or leaders of parties, but because of our open policy, we hope to have an equilibrium between the various poles of Talossa.


Not just free as in Free Beer, but also as in Free as a Bird. When you submit an article for publication, you grant Preßeu Zespenat a permanent license to your work, but it is clearly a non-exclusive one: you will be free to republish your article in other newspapers, on blogs, on Wittenberg after a minimum delay to be determined (most likely one week). Once our subscriber base will be built, we will also accept articles that were published by you elsewhere in a “review of the month” fashion.


Due to our lack of mandatory publication deals and our open policy, Preßeu Zespenat will not have a fixed number of pages and as a result, authors can write short or long articles as they please and even submit multiple articles.


Preßeu Zespenat is published using WordPress, a content management system typically built for blogging and often used for magazines. EL TAMLÁLT TALOSSÁN is another Talossan magazine published using WordPress. Like them, our readers will be able to comment on articles and link to individual articles in their own blogs or from Wittenberg.

Our difference with ETT is that we will be published by monthly issues instead of being updated in real time. We will also have a PDF version emailed to our subscribers and available for download like Beric’ht Talossan, so that readers will be able to print a clear document and read it offline.

In short, we are sitting comfortably at the technological crossroad between the two other major publications in Talossa, taking advantages from both and learning from their experience.


Author articles will generally be published as is in the next issue with little editing on our part. We will try to correct major typing errors and perhaps offer a better structure to an author but no article will be rewritten or edited by our staff without the approval of the original author.


Like a real magazine, we hope that instead of opening every issue and reading them from front to finish will not be the default reading mode. That’s how a newspaper is read. Instead, we hope that you will slowly go through the articles, reading one or two in each sitting.

In fact, we hope that future citizens who decide to skim through our archives will be able to get an idea of what was happening in the Kingdom during our issues. We want citizens who are absent from Wittenberg to get a grasp of what they are missing, so that they feel in the loop.

In Conclusion

Our goal isn’t to replace the other newspapers in Talossa, but rather, simply to make Preßeu Zespenat your monthly go to resource for information about Talossa. To be your loved magazine.

We have a few surprises up our sleeves for the next few issues and we hope that they will convince you to contribute yourself at best, or to keep reading at the least.

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