Manitesto of the Free Democrats

On April 25th, the Free Democrats published on Wittenberg their Manifesto for the current election. Preßeu Zespenat republishes it for the interest of our readers:


The FREE DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE formed by the Liberal Congress and the ZRT will strive to optimise governmental competence.

All representatives of the Alliance in the government will perform their administrative duties in a timely and efficient manner.

They will be granted positions based on dignity and merit, and will be held accountable for their words and actions (in merit or scrutiny).

Constitutional Reform:

We aim to reorganize and rewrite the Organic Law. It should be simplified only to reflect the outline of our government’s duties. Any other law passed not in complete accordance with the basic outline of our government’s functions shall be classified under the country’s Statutes.

Free Democrats will fight for the adoption of a privacy law for information used on private and public sites relating to Talossa.

Our judicial system is also far too complicated to be truly accessible. As such, we support a reformed judicial system for simple disputes

The Monarchy and the Royal Household:

The Free Democrats strictly adhere to the principle of constitutional agnosticism on the issue of the monarchy, and therefore take no official position on it. However, the Alliance aims to remove the ties between the Head of State and the private ownership of the Talossa’s governmental infrastructure.

The Free Democrats push for the offices of the Royal Household to be limited to the Royal College of Arms, the National Archives, and the Civil Service. The University of Talossa will be regionalized and regulated under the discretion of each provincial government as part of a liberal commitment to decentralised government.

The Ziu:

The Free Democratic Alliance aims to reduce the number of seats in the Cosâ so that it serves its purpose as a chamber of representative, not direct, democracy – where we can begin to build an electoral system which looks to encourage competition of ideas in our political marketplace.

The Alliance will also agitate to balance the representation of provinces by reform of the Senate chamber.

Free Democratic Members of the Cosa will also push for a truly secret option when casting your vote, so that you can cast it without four citizens (one of whom could be a party leader) knowing how you voted.


a. Stuff:

The Alliance aims to improve Talossa’s web presence. We will establish policies that will promote the kingdom more effectively to the world population. The Alliance is in support of authorised “ambassadors” to various social media sites, forums, and the likes. They will act as conduits of the kingdom’s interests and will be ready to answer, in an official capacity, any questions about Talossa, its history, the citizenship process, and so on.

b. Culture:

The Alliance will encourage the Ministry of Culture to continue working with the Ladîntsch Naziunál to create a strategy to teach every Talossan the basics of the national language, or at least “aliquand mocts” (a few words) they can use in daily life.

c. Foreign Affairs:

The Alliance supports the repeal of the Semi-Permeable Wall Act and will take a ‘Live and Let Live’ attitude to other micronations and Talossa-like entities. We will engage in courteous dialogue with representatives of other micronations and Talossa-like entities (as opposed to isolationism) on a case by case basis.


Free Democrats will aim to revitalise the provincial governments of Talossa. Provincial representatives of the Alliance will strive to resuscitate and increase provincial activity, and national representatives of the Alliance will strive to pass relevant legislation that will complement the Free Democratic goal of increasing provincial activity.

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