The campaign for the Atatûrk Senator Seat heats up


With the 48th Cosa Selection comes the Senate electoral campaign in Atatûrk in which the current longest serving member of Senate, Bradley  Collin Holmes is being challenged by the current Minister of Stuff, Sevastáin Pinátsch.

Both men couldn’t more different…

Sevastáin Pinátsch is one of the very active citizens of Talossa having posted 687 posts on Wittenberg since August 14 2013. He is the man responsible for the new website and is the webmaste/hoster behind the sites hosted on, such as the Talossan Media Aggregator, the Talossan Press Association and the Talossan Privacy Information. He also hosts ETT. Sevastáin Pinátsch has been a Cosa Member for the MRTP in the last Cosa and didn’t skip any votes. He is also active on the Atatûrk forum and posted several episodes of Late Night with Sevastáin Pinátsch. 6 of the most recent 20 threads were created by him on the Atatûrk forum.

Bradley Collin Holmes has been the Senator for Atatûrk for the past record setting 10 Cosâ or 59 Clarks! He has posted more messages than Sevastáin, with a total of 956 posts, but that’s since March 2006! In reality, the last thread created by Bradley on the Atatûrk forum was created in 2013… when he was running for his current Senate seat. If we take a look, in the last 6 months, Bradley has posted on Wittenberg only 3 times… to vote on 3 of the Clarks.

Bradley is aware he is up for election but didn’t come yet on Wittenberg to post, so we can’t report on his campaign, but Sevastáin is active in a thread he created. Here are some of his comments:

It’s probably time to elect someone for Senator who actually gets things done in Talossa.

As Minister of STUFF, I oversaw TalossaWiki through a difficult but critically essential software upgrade, then repaired the appearance to restore it to its former glory.

I built the portal that other governments talked about but never got around to actually doing.

As a local businessman, I’ve also been providing the technological infrastructure for other organizations to host and run their own websites in Talossa free of charge: The Talossan Press Association, The Talossan Gazelle (ETT) and the soon-to-relaunch PengoTimes, to name just a few.

Elect me, and I’ll ask your opinion about the upcoming bills. I will listen to your concerns. I will represent this province in the Ziu in a way that represents your interests, not just my own.

What has the alternative choice done for you lately?

In response to questions about his promises, Sevastáin had this to reply:

I can promise three things: Accessibility, accountability, and progress.

In all the time I’ve been a citizen, the current senator has never asked us what we think, nor replied to anything we’ve ever written to him, and he’s certainly never reported on his activities. He doesn’t believe he should.  Look at his last campaign:

No, I do not post threads or emails soliciting input during Clark votes. And I have yet to receive any input on business before the Ziu. So far, I have not had any complaints, so I continue to operate under the assumption that I’ve been adequately representing the people of Atatürk.

And I have absolutely no plans for the next term. I intend only on showing up, participating, and enjoying currency. I have no idea what more can be done.

As for what I would like to see across Talossa: less drama. But that is more of a personality issue than a legislative one.

I’d always like to see more activity in Atatürk. But the Senator is not the focal point of provincial activity.

“No plans for the next term.”  In that, Senator Holmes has been very successful.

“No complaints” is an outright lie. I’ve been a vocal critic, but, as I said, nothing I’ve ever written him has been answered.

In addition to actually being here, listening to what Ataurkers have to say, responding, and considering wide perspectives I promise to vote on every Clark. Our current Senator has missed votes on 3 of the last 12 Clarks Clark or 33%! As an MC, I have a perfect voting record.

I’d like to know what your priorities are for the coming year.  Engagement?  Tourism?  Constitutional reform?

Preßeu Zespenat was able to independently confirm Sevastáin claims about his and Bradley’s voting records.

We asked Atatûrk Elder and former Atatûrk Senator Marti-Pair Furxheir his comments and he had this to reply:

Sevastáin should know that the residents of Atatûrk are not Ataurkers but rather Turkeys. If he wants my vote, he will need to learn the proper term for his constituents.

In a shocking twist however, it was discovered by  Preßeu Zespenat that the residents of Atatûrk were only ever referred as Turkeys by Marti-Pair himself and former Secretary of State Daviu Focteir. Marti-Pair refused to comment on this discovery and asked us to let him work in peace on the upcoming election, “I am the Secretary of State, you know? Now get out of my office”.

Who will win the Senate election in Atatûrk? Will the nickname Turkeys for the residents of Atatûrk finally catch on? Will Bradley start campaigning? Stay tuned to the Atatûrk Message board for updates.

Preßeu Zespenat will of course inform you when the time comes.

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