Street Profile: E. Hartford Ave


Street Profile is a series of short articles providing a quick overview of one of the streets of the Kingdom of Talossa.

In this issue, we talk about E. Hartford Ave, a street in the province of Ataturk is in a East-West orientation and covers almost the whole width Ataturk province, between N. Cambridge Avenue, right next to the Milwaukee River which divides the Kingdom from the city of Milwaukee, to N. Lake Drive which, in Ataturk, is the East-Most street, right on the shore of the lake.

E. Hartford avenue is interesting because it is the only street to cover the entire width of Ataturk while being entirely in the province.

The only other two streets which allow you to drive or walk across the province as E. Kenwood Blvd, which divides Ataturk from Benito, west of N. Maryland, and Vuode, east of N. Maryland, and E. Edgewood is the northern frontier of Talossa.

Three streets allow you to get further East: E Newport Court, E. Hampshire Street, not to be confused with E. Hampshire Street and E. Kenwood boulevard.

For most of it’s length, E. Hartford Ave is a quiet typical semi-urban residential street with a 25 mph speed limit.

The street had 2 lanes, one in each direction and allows parking on the south-side most of the time and restricts parking on its North side to specific hours or, in some areas, at all times.

There is a sidewalk separated from the street by a good foot of grass, with trees planted in the separation.

There are light signals at the corner of N. Downer, N. Oakland Ave, and tiny roundabouts at N Bartlett and N. Newhall.

At the corner of N. Oakland Ave, on Oakland, is a 7 Eleven and a Papa Johh’s Pizza.

Papa John Pizza

Apart from that, the only non-residential presence is between N. Downer and N. Oakland Ave where the avenue crosses right in the middle of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

E. Hartford Ave is particularly important since it is where the Cosa resides!



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