The MRPT Manifesto


On micronations:
No diplomatic relations with “bug-micronations”. The government should not abuse its diplomatic powers.
The Foreign Ministry should try to investigate what serious, “like minded” “micronations” are currently active and the potential risks and benefits associated with various forms of diplomatic contacts with such nations, within the limits of the Afaes Utphätseschti Act.

On political reform:
Party endorsement should not count in any way for Senatorial elections.
Provinces should be in charge of electing Senators.
Use of a preferential voting method for senatorial elections conducted by the Chancery.
Only 50% of the votes in the Senäts is needed for approval of an act or amendment to the OrgLaw.
Introducing mandatory and binding candidate lists for the Cosâ.
An elected Seneschal, either direct or indirect (via the Cosâ) is an option the MRPT will on the long term consider.

On separation of power:
The MRPT believes that on the long term further separation of power is needed.
Too many offices should not be held by too few people. This can however only be achieved alongside a growth of the population.
When Talossa has more than 1000 citizens full separation of power between the judiciary, excecutive and legislative should, at least on a national level, be realistic.
On the long term Talossa needs a Real Cosâ, which will be achieved by a combination of population growth and a decrease in the size of the Cosâ to sixty seats.

On the secret ballot:
The MRPT is happy with the current amendment to introduce a semi-secret ballot, but would like to go one step further and introduce a full automated secret ballot for Cosâ and Senatorial elections, under the condition that a diverse independent committee has access to the admin account to monitor the elections.

On citizenship and privacy:
The MRPT does not support plans to make immigration laws stricter in the sense that more activity or knowledge from the prospective citizen is required than under the current rules.
Any contact information received from the prospective by the Immigration Ministry or the Chancery is strictly private and may not be shared with third parties outside the Ministry of Immigration or the Chancery, with the exception of email addresses, which may be shared with the committee to monitor secret ballot elections, and provincial institutions that have tasks similar to that of the Chancery. The list of email addresses should be regularly updated by the chancery.
The MRPT believes that Talossan citizenship should not prevent Talossans from pursuing their own interests outside Talossa and will protect the right of Talossans to do so. This includes joining micronations.

On the role of the government:
The government should not try to do what Talossans can do themselves, but instead stimulate private initiative.
In most cases, the Government should facilitate and support cultural projects, rather than lead or own them.
The Ziu should in most cases refrain from endorsing cultural practices as being “Talossan” when there is no evidence the practice is in fact strongly related to Talossan culture.

On the Monarchy:
The MRPT is fundamentally monarchist, and supports the hereditary Monarchy. However, we are also committed to taking measures to make the Monarchy more acceptable to the Republican segment of the population if a compromise can be reached with broad support. These measures may on the long term include reducing the political powers of the Monarch and making it easier to remove a Monarch in a democratic way.

On finance:
Reduce the registration fee for the Cosa and introduce a small fee for accepting seats in the Senate.
The Talossan government should start paying for its own web presence.

On provincial assignment:
Provincial assignment should remain based on actual geographical location.
Closure of provinces to immigration should be abolished.
Citizens currently assigned to the “wrong” province will be given the choice to change province.
Moving permanently across provincial assignment borders should result in a change of province.
The MRPT is committed to keep pushing forward its own already Hoppered proposals regarding province catchment area reform.

On other issues:
Promoting and protecting Talossan culture, language and traditions.
Increasing provincial activity.

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