BT, ETT or PZ? Which publication to submit to?


With the arrival of a 3rd publication in Talossan press, we feel it is our duty to explain the differences between BT, ETT and PZ so we can position ourselves clearly.

First, let’s review the 3 options:

Beric’ht Talossan

BT is the closest thing to a professional newspaper Talossa has: it’s the only newspaper to have a manual layout, the only magazine with a strictly regular staff of journalists and the longest running newspaper as of now. It is published like clockwork almost every other Sunday (apart from occasional holidays).

Beric’ht Talossan isn’t an amateur project so much as a serious enterprise presenting the news the same way traditional newspapers do. It publishes regular columns from journalists who write about anything they want to, with careful editing from the editor-in-chief and typical columns for a newspaper like the Memrise ranking (BT’s sport section) and even cartoons.

This excellent newspaper is successfully raising the bar for professional journalism in the Kingdom like, as far as I know, no previous newspapers did. Note: Qator Itrins was in the Republic 😉

The only drawbacks of BT is that journalists are restricted to a certain length, need to commit to publish an article in almost every issue, and there are journalists who complain that some subjects were rejected or some article not edited to the satisfaction of the author.

To BT’s honor, this is typical of many professional newspapers who expect a minimum level of consistency and quality between issues, so it’s not so much something that BT needs to fix, as a consequence of BT’s attempt to raise the level of quality in their journalism and it is expected from any newspaper providing an editorial staff.

El Tamlalt Talossan

ETT is an instant journalism kind of newspaper since it is, at it’s basis, a blog. Don’t take it negatively however! ETT is amazing for clearing fresh off the press information and up to date news. ETT can, I am convinced, become the best platform for people to react to the other two newspapers since it doesn’t have deadlines or issues.

ETT is the Wiki, in sort, of Talossa: Approve journalists can publish articles in real time, reacting to real life events like none of the other two newspapers can.

It is the modern equivalent to the various newspaper’s websites and can become, I am convinced, Talossa’s CNN.

The only drawback to ETT is that it is formless, due to its very nature. It is not tied to specific days and multiple articles can arrive on the same day after a week of inactivity. ETT’s greatest strength is also, I believe, a drawback.

Of course, the RSS feed will let you follow ETT and there is a Thread on Wittenberg to follow the articles, so it’s not like ETT is shooting in the dark.

Preßeu Zespenat

I feel that PZ will be at somewhat of a cross road between BT and ETT. It will have monthly issues (so twice less often than BT) and therefore, will be the slowest newspaper of the three.

I see, in a way, PZ as the Saturday Edition of a newspaper. I hope our journalists who contribute to all three newspapers will write their opinions in BT, their news in ETT, and their in depth articles in PZ. We hope that we’ll get to publish lengthily historical reviews, lessons from the Talossan University, Interviews with Talossans who are less in the spotlight.

I hope that officials who wouldn’t dream of becoming a journalists will publish occasional (or regular) updates on their work. I will lobby the next prime-minister for a monthly column on the Senechal’s office. I will contact the Senators to get into their mind of how they see the Clark.

We will still see opinions such as those in BT, for the simple reason that several journalists are not comfortable writing for it, either because they dislike the mandatory publications or because of a personal decision.

In short, PZ is more of a magazine than a newspaper.

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