June 2015

48th_cosa Still no new Prime-Minister

With the election over, we do not yet have a new prime-minister. What are the possibilities?

boxing-89802_640 A fight between the King and the Secretary of State?

when the King chose not to sign one of the referendums into law, many Talossan responded negatively, but Preßeu Zespenat was suprised to see the Secretary of State reacting so harshly it may have surprised a few people

stockmarket The Talossa Activity Index

An overview of the old Talossan Activity Index

Postal Codes for Talossa, a simple proposal

A proposal for Postal Codes in an independent Talossa

RC20? FC100? EM200? The history of the Cosa

There are talk to changing the current election system, but perhaps we should know how we came to the current system before thinking about changing it.

Blast from the past (well, future), Talossa 2038 part 1

Fictional restrospective of the past of Talossa published in 2038 by Preßeu Zespenat, retelling the history of Talossa from 2022 until 2038.

Relational_db_terms The Database: Introduction

Introduction to our new series on the Talossa Database System, also known simply as

old_files_pen_high_res From the hopper (June 2015)

A summary of bills currently in the hopper

html The Resident Miracle Worker Book Extract: My first big website

This is an extract from the book I am currently writing, the Resident Miracle Worker and his downfall

childhood's end Childhood’s end

Second review for the Sci-Fi Audio Book Club. This month: Childhood’s end, but Arthur C. Clarke

Inkunabel.ValMax.finis.detail Colophon and Copyright

Preßeu Zespenat is published by Zespanat press and is currently under the sole ownership of Marti-Pair Furxheir. It is scheduled to be published monthly, every 15th of the Month. The company was planned to have a board of administration but many of the potential co-founders have not yet confirmed their participation and approval in time [...]